Do you have a clear vision on how your organisation will thrive tomorrow? How it will stay meaningful economically, socially and innovatively? It is our challenge to find your genuine relevance, to turn your story into a meaningful brand identity and to deliver inspiring communication to reach your goals. It is our ambition to turn strong brands into meaningful marks and to turn meaningful organisation into strong brands.

Seeing our clients blossom, thrive and shine is what makes us glow.


1. develop USEFUL


First, it’s up to you to realise that in order to become meaningful you need to challenge your status quo and take action. If you choose to do so, we will create the right sparks for you to become a relevant brand. For this, we follow a strong strategic method to make you blossom, thrive and shine. Our brand Lieutenant Cojak crystallised his communication knowledge into an effective method:


In a series of workshops you get an in-dept analysis of your brand identity and your future communication strategy. We will translate the insights of these workshops into a brand id.

Good communication is all about bonding with your customer. That’s your compass.

2. create focused


Your brand is not your logo. Brand Communication is the dna of your organisation. Without an authentic brand story your marketing strategy will not last for your audience.

We focus on creating a clever, long lasting identity that nurtures your meaningful marketing. Useful and to the point. It’s your key for building that long lasting relation with your customers. Show your true face, without that you will be quickly forgotten.

3. make CLEVER


Customer satisfaction is the key. Therefore, you need a goal driven plan where your strategy is translated into tactics. Building trust with your audience is key, but you also need to reach your goals together with them.

Use clever ways to interact and involve with your public. We provide that missing link: the creative concept that captures both the heart and the soul of your organisation and that of your audience. It’s not about unilateral mass advertising. It is all about shared experiences. We work on your communication plan and provide artwork, creative content and nurture experiences that last (not only on social media but also in the heart of your customer).


let's tango

We will work closely together, form a creative team and challenge ourselves to find your authenticity. We will not rest until you have found your magic and we can let your brandcase blossom, thrive & shine.

Intrigued? Let's get together.