the circular hub

the case: making a new circular hub shine

In order to launch this new hub to support & accelerate the circular economy the client asked us to develop a fresh and appealing brand identity. ‘And please can you do it asap, we really believe in your creative talent’ (thank you for that Mieke).

the plot: make the brand top notch

But, instead of jumping into the branding game without any clues, we need have a good strategic exercise in advance. It will bring out the real brand identity spirit and we will directly pinpoint the necessary steps to launch the brand in a quick but meaningful and effective way.
Strategic guidance is key and was done by Lieutenant Jack Cojak.

the clues: circular kickstart

Focus on the change makers first. Starters are the engine of the circular transition. We strongly believe in the power of circular starters to create a mind shift towards a sustainable, circular future. Starters are the engine of transition, and their innovative ideas are often a source of inspiration for large companies. That’s the clue to the succes story of the Circular Hub.

Branding & visual identity

Online communication

visit the website: www.circularkickstart.be